What is this all about?

Western civilization is unsustainable.

We are lead to believe that we live in a world where there is only one thing that is important: GROWTH.

The economy needs to grow, and the more it grows the better it will be and the happier we will all be about our life and ourselves. NOT TRUE.

In the west, we can say that generally people have pretty good life, most of the people have a place to live, they own cars, tvs, computers, smartphones, take holidays to exotic destinations. This same people, us, that will have to work until our mid seventies. Work for companies that earn ridiculous amounts of money. Work so that the shareholders of the same companies can increase their already ridiculous wealth by exploiting workers and natural resources. Destroying our planet earth in the process of becoming richer.

The growth fallacy becomes obvious when we think about the exponential growth of human population and the exponential growth of consumption of natural resources on a planet where resources are finite. This includes sustainable development. Sustainable development is good as a patch, but it cannot compensate for exponential growth with finite resource consumption.

So what can we do?

In this blog I will expand on the underlying concepts of the problems with the current system, actions that we can individually do and general thinking of what it means to be happy in life.