consumerism, degrowth

Why degrowth?

It is quite simple, planet earth has LIMITED resources. The human species is growing exponentially, human consumption is also growing exponentially.

It DOES NOT MATTER, if we become more efficient, we use solar or wind energy (so called green), NOTHING matters. If we keep growing we will exhaust the earth resources.

Anyone that has a normally developed cognitive ability will understand it if he or she can for a second liberate from the shackles of the daily brainwash that tells that growth is the only way forward.

Let’s show it in a graph:

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 15.02.52

Now we are in the path of the blue line, we will run out of resources soon.

Many advocate for the red line, that is not enough.

The green line shows the rate at which the resources would replenish in theory.

But we are destroying the planet, so its capability of replenishing diminishes.

The lines are for indication, but I think they show clearly why “sustainable growth” is science fiction as it is mathematically impossible. We should all wake up and realise that even though we feel nice by recycling or by consuming renewable energy.

Do some research and find how mines for solar panel materials look like. Be horrified.