Inspiring blogs

Those are the blogs I read for inspiration and knowledge

Mr. Money Mustache  is maybe the best and funniest blog about financial independence and early retirement that I have stumbled up on. He focuses on life style and it is really good to realize all the consumerist nonsense and spending habits a lot of people are trapped in. Must read.

Early Retirement Extreme book and blog, offers shocking insight on how one can push down the expenses to the limit, the author makes the reader reconsider ones lifestyle to find a more meaningful and cheaper way of living.

Dividend Mantra is a useful investing blog, worth a read.

No More Waffles is one of the few good European Financial Independence blogs, the author shows. While Mr. Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme, are more focused on the strategy and philosphy. No More Waffles focuses on the author’s progress and investing details.