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Is Masculinity under attack? The War on Men

Being a man is not a popular thing these days. Media and society are trying to tame men and make beta men seem desirable and use them as role models.

Many people seem to be happy about that, but some of us are starting to realize that even though men and women should have the same rights and opportunities we generally do not want the same things, and we might be better off with more traditional roles in our society.

War on Men

I do not know how it came to be, I can only speculate on that, but currently there is a war on men and masculinity, Jordan Peterson knows A LOT about the topic and you can educate yourself further with him.

Masculinity is generally seen as a negative trait, even thought deep inside, men want to be manly and women want to be with manly men.

At the same time where lot of talk about the privilege that men have, men are being discriminated against, specifically in the education system. Education is made in a way that women are doing much, much better than men. And, that is apparently ok, but in any field where men do better than women (tech for example) then it is not ok and more women should be successful in that area. The pendulum has swung too far.

Big government

The government is one the entities that is sabotaging male identity, the government wants power, and manly men are a thread to the power, men trend to create tribes and gangs, and that big brother is not happy about that.

Government only wants manliness in their police force and military, but when these guys are done with their job, their should immediately go back to their house and be a beta, docile individual.

Proud to be Manly

I hate the “pride” culture, where everyone is proud to be what they were born us, gay pride, national pride etc. The only pride one can have is on something that was not given, but was achieved. It is nonsense to be proud of being a man, but we must be proud of being manly.

Equal rights ≠ Being equal

Once we accept that men and women are different, and that there is a NEED for men to FEEL and BE manly, because that is how we are genetically programmed.

Historically, men had to perform tasks that are now considered as manly, such as hunting and fighting, that would prove that a man could keep safe and provide for his family. Obviously, those skills were (and still are) sexual markers that would attract potential mates.

In the modern, western, rich world; humans do not need to hunt and fight to survive, we just need to go to work, sit in front of the computer and earn money to buy food. When under attack we are encouraged not to use any violence and call the police.

Even though there are huge advantages in living in a society like this, there is something that our inner animals are missing, we have evolved to fight and hunt, and a couple of thousand years of civilization has not changed our genes. Therefore, it is important, to keep and exercise masculine traits, as our instincts tell us.

Men and women should equal rights and opportunities between men and women, but not equal results. Certain professions, will more man dominated and some will be more women dominated, and trying to artificially “balance” the numbers will only discredit the meritocracy that should run our society.

The Way of Men

Jack Donovan, puts it very well in The Way of Men, it is one of the most important books any man should read. It is basically a manual on how to reclaim masculinity and have much more fulfilling lives.

It goes through the way of the gang, the 4 tactical virtues of Strength, courage, mastery and honor and lays down the concepts of different kinds of masculinity as Simulated, Vicarious and Intellectualized Masculinity.


There is nothing wrong with being manly, being manly is a really good quality to have.

We will all be better off if men embrace masculinity and women embrace femininity

The government WANTS you to be tame

Equal opportunities between men and women, but accept the differences in abilities.

The way of man is THE WAY

Men need to use their energy in productive ways. Go out and start a tribe do more risky activities, repair things, create something. And most importantly, take care of your woman and family. Because that is part of the essence of being a man.


Back to the roots: The Tribe and how to start one

Are we living in a hyper-individualist consumerist society? I think we do. In most of the western world, we become more and more decoupled from our peers, we work, come home and sit in the sofa with our social media, the tv and the 24/7 news.

Most of us, still have friends. We talk with them, go out with them, get drunk with them, share our problems, etc.

Most of us, still have family. We also talk with them, meet for Christmas, etc.

As a society, we have forfeited the deep bonds with our community, bonds that where there less than 50 years ago. Family does not mean much, friends you can pick, choose and switch, husband/wife you can divorce from. We live in a deeply individualist society, but people feel something is not right.

People yearn for a group connection, a feeling of belonging. So, as a society, we turn to football clubs, political parties or religious organizations to get a sense of belonging, a sense tat we are living.

From reading my other posts of this blog, you probably can tell that I am not a big fan of this mass consumption fanatical football clubs (or sports in general), neither am I to religious organizations nor political parties. Those are some sort of fake tribes, that function in a way that make us feel like we belong to something, but in reality we are just exploited commercially, either for money or influence.

For example, when it comes to sporting events, the fans will say “we won” because they feel that they are part of it, but from the point of view of the club directors, the fans are only good as their consumption capacity goes, are they buying jerseys and other merchandise? Are they going to the games? Are they watching the games on TV? In the end that is all that matters.

That is why, I am advocating for bringing back the self-governed tribe, smaller units of individuals, that are interdependent of each other, and that, as a group are independent of big government and centralized institutions. It can be achieved by means of Self-reliance, becoming Renaissance men and women and in the near future the block chain technology.

Little by little, we need to strengthen the bonds in our communities and weaken our bond to big corporations and government. We can basically transition from a centralized model of consumption to a decentralized model of production.

This is all very theoretical and has been covered in depth by Jack Donovan in The Way of Men and Becoming a Barbarian. He focuses mostly on the masculinity point of view and describes very well the problems of our current society and how to create a tribe.

How to start

The first step is in yourself and your closest friends, stop the superficial bonding and “going out to have a coffee/beer”, men and women are different, women bond by sitting and talking, men bond by doing things together. I have played rugby for many years, and the guys I have played with are the guys I have the deepest bonds with.

So start by stopping the feminine way of relating with your mates. DO THINGS, it does not really matter what, preferably some outdoors, physically demanding competitive and/or cooperative activity. THEN go out and discuss it over a beer. Stop the superficial small talk and discuss the real issues that as men are having: money, work, community, etc. Start a fight club. Start a mastermind group.

That is the start. Then you will have to start developing a more organized group, a good option is to organize as a motorcycle club. You need a group were you push each other, tell things directly to each others face and demand A LOT from each other.