About me

I am a 28 year old living in Denmark trying to achieve financial independence. I grew up in Spain, and like many my age in Europe I grew up in a middle class family coming up to the 2008 financial crisis. In the years before the financial crisis, we were all told, that the good times would never end, everyone could afford a house or apartment and one, or two, BMW or SUV’s. As an engineering student, I was led to believe that when I would have graduated I would have a great job where I would earn (and spend) a lot of money. An THEN, only then, I would be happy.

But then everything collapsed, a lot of people lost their jobs and incomes, but those who still had some income kept consuming and chasing the consumerist lifestyle. I moved to Denmark to continue my education and for better prospects on finding a good job.

Only in my mid 20’s when I finished a double masters degree on engineering, that I started to realize the madness we live in. The more you spend the happier you are. And that everyone DESERVES, a nice car, big house, huge flat screen and holidays in a tropical paradise or ski resort twice a year. Knowing that consumerism does not bring happiness, and that by not consuming, one can retire early, my question is, why wouldn´t everyone want to do that?

The answer, is that is difficult, it is difficult to make a paradigm shift from consumerism to value non consumerist things. This is difficult in the society we live in.

In this blog I will explore the topics that worry me and that I struggle with, it all contributes to a more fulfilling life, financial independence and being respectfull with our environment.


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