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What is Financial independence, and how to get started

It has been a few years since I discovered the current of people striving to become financial independent, the goal of many of these people is to not need to work any more in their life. If that sounds interesting to you, keep reading.

People who are financial independent, continue to work in one thing or the other, as working is an integral part of being a man and a human being and the obtain pleasure in doing so.

So it does not necessarily mean, that when you or me achieve financial independence, that we will be sitting on our couch watching TV and being on Facebook but instead, we can pursue other endeavors.

First, one might think, that for normal working people it is impossible to become financial independence, and it is NOT easy. It is very tempting to buy a new computer, a tv, a nice house with a garden etc. but unless you are rich, if you want to become financially independent you need to accept something, there are things that one cannot afford, that goes directly in sync with stoic principles.

So drop the Consumerism get acquainted with Mr Money Mustache and Jacob Fischer, and realize, that if you save, for example 50% of your salary, for every day, month or year that you work now, there is a day, month or year that will not have to work in the future.

If one factors in inflation and investments (we will talk about that in more detail in the future) the effects can multiply, and if one is as smart as Mr Money Mustache, there is the possibility to start smaller businesses that contribute to the income.

So, maybe you are not ready to save 80% of your salary (I can only save 60%) start by taking away a small percentage, and ask yourself if your next purchase will give you happiness in the long term, and if that is better than the feeling of going to work, knowing you can quit any second, that you do it because you like it and not because you have to.



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