consumerism, degrowth, financial independence, happiness, stoicism

Is consumerism the way to go?

It is quite funny, or tragic, the way many people in the developed world choose to live their lives (me included).

We work, making a lot of money for the owners of both big and small companies, and also, some money for ourselves.

We exchange labour for capital.

We work a lot for some money, making other people rich in the process. We are essentially slaves, as we need to work to sustain ourselves. We can also free ourselves from slavery, but to do that, like in ancient Rome, we need to buy our freedom. To do that, we need to reevaluate our relationship with money.

Because, somehow, we are all convinced, that after a month of hard work we have to go out and spend ALL the money we earned, and a bit more. The philosophy of life of the whole western society, and probably others that I do not know, is based in consuming constantly, buy-use-throw.

We are actually convinced, that if we buy that new shiny smartphone or computer, that big house, that nice car. We actually BELIEVE that we are going to be happier than before. The paradox lies on that when we have bought something, and we realize that it does no make us as happy as we thought it would. But then, we forget all about it and focus on the NEXT thing, THIS time it will FOR SURE make me happy ever after.

It is something deeply wire in our primitive brain, but we need to realize that things will never make us happy, it is only simplicity, the way we choose to interact with people and how we decide to use our time that can make us happy. We need to reduce our material wealth and increase our spiritual and social wealth. This is the only way to be satisfied and to save our planet from a sure destruction

I am not saying consuming is bad in itself, what I am trying to say is that we reached a point that we consume without purpose.

And there other ways to live.