Nordkapp trip part V: Nordkapp-Helsinki

Basically Nordkapp is a really cold and windy place. But also beautiful, as I said we arrived there late at “night” and I was surprised that there were so many tourists at that time of the day but lately I figured out that they were all there to see the midnight sun, a fact that we didn’t care about anymore after being so many days up north. It is quite funny to see a tourist area so far north, with its own post office, souvenir shop, various restaurants and cinema where they showed a movie about nordkapp that we didn’t bother seeing.

View of Nordkapp

Group photo in parallel 71º N

Grzeg and I on top of the world

Our first idea was to stay for the night in Nordkapp but after while it was too cold and as it was daylight we decided to drive to Finland straight away, so we drove with our sunglasses on at 3 am and up to -3º outside not knowing if the sun was setting or raising we drove until we were too tired too continue and that’s what happened in the following to days as we arrived to Tallin barely 48h after being in Nordkapp.

Driving from Nordkapp, stunning landscapes.

Even though we didn’t see much of Finland we stopped in Santa’s village in Rovaniemi which I hope in winter looks better because in summer looked quite pathetic… But overall is quite similar to Sweden as the only thing you can see is trees everywhere, and also mosquitoes, as I slept outside the tent I woke up with half a face swollen by thousand bites of those small bastards, luckily that would heal really soon.

View in Rovaniemi

Polar circle, again.

In Helsinki we just took a walk round the town as we had to get on the ferry to Tallin the same day but it had a nice atmosphere, nothing like I had seen before, here you can really tell that Finland has nothing to do with scandinavia.


Going to Tallin

So far we had driven 4998km