Nordkapp trip Part I: Copenhagen-Preikestolen

In these posts I’ll write about the road trip Grzeg, Marcelina, Laura and I did from Copenhagen to Gdansk via Nordkapp (Yes, the northernmost part of norway. We took a little detour)

Anyway, we left Copenhagen at around 1 am the 23rd June to Hirsthals where we took the ferry to Stavanger. The first crisis came when we were waiting to board and while Marcelina was talking in her sleep I tried to start taking notes about the trip and the pen was not working, really tought moments that we solved with another pen.

Ferry to Stavanger

We had been talking about not drinking much during our stay in Norway and Finland but we instantly made up our minds after boarding the ferry so we bought a few cans in the Duty free-shop as well as obscene amounts of Haribo candy and made a new friend, The Orange.

The Orange

After 12 hours in the ferry we arrived to Stavanger. Obviously, in Norway in was raining. We drove across Stavanger to take another ferry to Tau from where we drove to Preikestolen camping.

At that moment I realized that the tent was not big enough so we could all sleep confortably in it so as Laura decided to sleep in the car I decided to sleep outside. While it was raining a bit it was fine as I had a sleeping bag cover which is waterproof but as it started raining harder and harder I realized that a certain technique is needed to sleep in those conditions without getting wet so I ended up sleeping in the car in which Laura was freezing cold (Worth mention that she had never camped before this trip).

In the morning we woke up early and went up to the rock, it was quite funny as Laura is not the most experienced person in the mountain as was wearing a pair of the cuttest shoes around, so she had a bit of trouble going around. We made it to the rock quite early so there wasn’t many people, if you go be advised as when going down there was a lot of people walking!




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